Making Promises With Probiotics

As the science and health communities continue to learn more about the endless links between gut health and brain health, including impacts on memory and mood, the world is waking up to the importance of a balanced gut. In addition to a balanced diet, many people have introduced probiotics into their daily intake, but have experienced little or inconsistent results.

Probiotics producers are challenged to ensure each batch is packing a consistent variety and quantity of good gut bacteria. When consumers have an inconsistent experience or worse an adverse reaction to a product, businesses can face catastrophic brand damage. Purity-IQ provides leading brands with a set of scientific standards ensuring authenticity, consistency, stability and third-party certification, which deliver the transparency and brand trust consumers are seeking.

Using both molecular DNA genomic and NMR metabolomic  testing and analysis technologies, Purity IQ produces unique  ingredient and final product fingerprints o that precisely identify your active strains. When businesses test each batch for authenticity and purity using our technologies and add our Purity-IQ trust-mark to their packaging, they can be confident their consumers will grow to trust and expect a quality and consistent brand experience..

To clearly separate your brand from the competitor’s, receive your unique Purity-IQ fingerprint and Certificate of Registration, contact us to get started.

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