One day consumers will have full transparency, trust and confidence in all products they consume.

Join Purity-IQ to find out how to enhance your brand authenticity, purity and trust.


Purity-IQ provides authenticity services and capabilities to help your business demonstrate product and material consistency, truth and origin accuracy. 


Purity-IQ develops voluntary quality standards driven by consumer demand for transparency, industry feedback and brand integrity.


Purity-IQ continues to invest in innovative molecular diagnostic testing methods and offer clients the ability to develop scientifically validated testing methods.

What Drives Us

The extra-virgin olive oil in your cupboard might not consist of purely extra-virgin olive oil. From raw materials to final products across industries, brands and consumers alike might be unaware of what they’re really buying.

Product adulteration or misrepresentation has become increasingly common at some point along the supply and value chains, whether accidental or intended. At the same time, consumers demand greater transparency and quality in the products they consume. As a brand owner, the ability to authenticate, consistently produce and certify your products directly impacts your brand outcomes.

Our Science-Based Solutions

Purity-IQ provides your business with quality assurance standards and certifications, underpinned by innovative and validated scientific methods, for the food and beverage, pharma, natural health product, pet food or cosmetics sectors.

All Purity-IQ standards and certifications are designed to protect brands through consistent product quality, traceability, transparency and sustainability.

Contact us to learn more about how to increase your access to market, reduce business risk, and build strong trust in your brand.

Business Disclaimer

Purity-IQ Inc. is a for-profit biotechnology company engaged in the research, development, training, consultation and commercialization of validated scientific testing and analytical tools. Purity-IQ is also engaged in establishing standardized quality assurance applications, which may or may not be voluntarily implemented by those businesses throughout global supply chains, who also may seek third-party verifications and certifications.

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Join Purity-IQ to find out how to enhance your brand authenticity, purity and trust.

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