Current pressures on the global supply chain driven by rising interest in botanical Natural Health Products has resulted in many manufacturers and ingredient suppliers seeking new sources of supply. With this increased demand and limited supply of natural ingredients, the potential for adulteration, dilution or substitution is more prevalent than ever, and brand owners must be extra vigilant when sourcing botanical ingredients. 

At the same time, consumers are looking for increased transparency; they want assurance that the products they buy are safe and that the information on the label is accurate.

The Purity-IQ Authenticity Certification Program combines identification and batch-to-batch product consistency providing the assurance that certified products are meeting strict standards for both authenticity and purity. 

What does this mean for consumers?  When you see the Purity-IQ Certified Authentic trademark, you know exactly what you’re purchasing each and every time!

As a brand owner, the Purity-IQ Certified Authentic trademark helps differentiate your product and works to enhance brand integrity and loyalty. 

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