We are continuously innovating to solve industry challenges through research and development. 

Purity-IQ research and development seeks to create science-based solutions and go-to market strategies. We are industry leaders working to address the growing demand faced by brand owners and marketers for quality, safety and transparency. 

We continue to:

  • Invest in novel molecular diagnostic research
  • Develop scientifically validated testing methods
  • Establish proprietary genomic and metabolomic libraries
  • Publish scientific papers and reference materials
  • Commercialize solutions, tools, and services, to support client needs
  • Dosing services and stability studies
  • Population mapping and identity report
  • Marker Discovery and Marker-Assisted Breeding

Join our Canadian Cannabis Research Project

The world’s most respected global manufacturer of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) scientific instruments, in partnership with Purity-IQ, will now be applying their gold-standard technology to the Canadian cannabis and hemp industry.

This research is being provided “free of charge” and without future obligation. Your business and brands have an opportunity to be part of building a diverse DNA and NMR database for this industry. This validated scientific reference library will enable the industry to identify cultivars and verify consistency in formulations of cannabis, hemp, and CBD products.

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