Our Company

Purity-IQ is a Canadian privately owned biotechnology company founded on innovative genomic and metabolomic technologies. Located in Guelph Ontario, we have been working with customers around the world since 2019.

Our focus is solely on Authenticity Services. We utilize some of the best analytical methods available today, offering the highest value in product authentication and quality assurance.

Purity-IQ has a specific and unique approach:

Singular Focus on Authenticity Services

Our focus is solely on Authenticity: verifying and validating the identity, purity and consistency of ingredients and finished products.

Powerful Fit-for-Purpose Technology

We leverage some of the most powerful technology for Authenticity testing: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and qPCR (DNA).

Investments in Expertise

We continue to advance authenticity science, collaborating and publishing with industry and academia.

Unique Certification Program

Our Certified Authentic Program provides clients with a means to communicate authenticity confidently.

Collaborative Network

We work with a network of certified laboratories, industry experts and regulatory consultants to share and exchange knowledge.

Consultative Approach

Providing dedicated services, we are able to provide unique expertise and problem-solving skills for our clients.

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