Authenticity Testing

We offer a range of services to test ingredients and finished products for Authenticity.

What Defines Authenticity?

Purity-IQ defines Authenticity as the combined validation of: Identity + Purity + Consistency.


The molecular composition of this product has been verified.


Its molecular composition conforms to the benchmark profile.


This product has standards for consistency, ensuring product identity and purity across batches to ensure a consistent consumer experience.

Frequent Applications for Authenticity Testing:

Ingredient Verification

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Our customers authenticate ingredients:

  • To verify the identity and purity of incoming raw materials, ingredients and finished products
  • To validate raw material equivalency between suppliers
  • To approve a new ingredient from a current supplier

Quantification of Active Compounds

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Using NMR and advanced analytics can provide in-depth understanding of your raw materials and their active compounds, such as curcuminoids in turmeric.

Manufacturing Impacts

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Ingredients may be validated through manufacturing process to:

  • Assess manufacturing impacts on ingredients
  • Confirm consistency between batches

Traceability and Purity

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Ingredients can be screened to assure they are free from adulteration.

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