Is product authenticity and quality assurance that customers can count on.

Authenticity Certification

Product authenticity you can count on.

Product adulteration and misrepresentation has become increasingly common throughout the supply chain. At the same time, customers demand greater transparency and quality in the products they purchase. As a brand owner, the ability to consistently produce authentic, and certified products directly impacts your brand success.


of consumers don't trust labels alone


of shoppers say their buying decision is impacted by 3rd party verification


will stop buying a product if they don’t trust the company behind it


prefer 3rd party certified products vs self-declared claims

The Purity-IQ Authenticity Certification Program helps to enhance brand integrity and provides customers with the assurance that certified products meet strict requirements for identity and consistency.

Purity-IQ ‘Trust Mark’

Communicate your commitment to consistent and authentic products with our Purity-IQ “Certified Authentic” trademark on your assets and product packaging.

Discover our Authenticity Certification Program for

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