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qPCR & Viability qPCR

qPCR is a strong DNA based analytical tool that can detect single strains in multiple component probiotic blends. Viability qPCR can be used to enumerate single strains in complex probiotic products at end of shelf life. It is sensitive, fast and accurate. It is a targeted method that requires primers to allow for identification and uses photoactivation to determine viable cells. This technology allows confirmation by corroborating what’s on the label and the respective potency of each ingredient. This method can confirm whether or not there is sufficient concentration of a strain to confer a health benefit. 

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

NMR is a widely recognized standard analytical tool used routinely in several areas of chemistry and biology and determines the content and purity of a product through the examination of its molecular structure. It can analyze structures of molecules ranging from small organic molecules to macromolecules such as proteins, to provide a complete picture of all the ingredients and substances in a product. NMR can validate the presence of specific active ingredients and can detect product components that are not stated in the formula.

The Power of Combining Methods

Combining the power of DNA and NMR testing provides you with more transparency and increases your testing efficiency. qPCR is a powerful technique to accurately identify and verify your ingredients. Additionally, characterizing your ingredients and products through NMR can provide you with a full view of all ingredients present in your product.

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