What’s really in your edible oils?

As the food supply and value chains become increasingly global, it’s become more difficult for brands and consumers alike to verify, what’s really in the products they consume. Unbeknownst to those on the purchasing end, edible oils are often topped up with fillers, cutting costs for suppliers and misleading manufacturers, brands and consumers.

If you are a brand wishing to make on-label brand claims regarding the purity of your ingredients, it’s important you be confident the claims are true. When misleading claims come to the regulatory surface, the brand can face catastrophic reputation damage regardless if any untruthfulness was intentional. Purity-IQ provides leading brands with a set of scientific standards ensuring authenticity, consistency, stability and an opportunity for third-party certification, which deliver the transparency and trust consumers are expecting.

Using NMR technology, Purity IQ produces metabolite fingerprints of tested products and can identify exactly what is in your edible oils. When manufacturers test each batch for authenticity and purity using our technologies and add our trust-mark to their brand packaging, they can be confident their consumers will grow to trust and expect a quality, consistent and authentic brand experience.

To clearly separate your brand from competitors, receive your unique Purity-IQ fingerprint and Certificate of Registration, contact us to get started.

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