The Truth About Turmeric

Acquiring the purest turmeric is no easy task. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident, herbs and spices can become tainted as they travel through production. Shockingly, it’s not uncommon to find undesirable extras such as rice flour, starch or even sawdust mixed in. Also, with various types of turmeric offering different health benefits, ensuring you have a pure amount of a specific variation can be challenging.

If a company doesn’t grow turmeric on its own, there’s no way of supervising quality control up the supply chain, making it difficult to ensure the purity of the product. This could result in poor quality and an inconsistent brand experience. 

If a turmeric provider can’t assure the quality, consistency, and safety of a product, that company risks irreversible damage to its reputation, leading to low sales and bad reviews. Today’s consumers demand transparency, and Purity-IQ equips top brands with elite scientific standards to guarantee authenticity through third-party certification.

Purity-IQ’s revolutionary system analyzes turmeric’s molecular DNA to generate a unique fingerprint, accurately identifying specific strains of herbs and spices. Utilizing Purity-IQ’s leading-edge testing technology, each batch is graded for purity and authenticity so brands can add our trustmark to their packaging. We will develop a custom mark, so your brand stands out from the competition, and we’ll issue a Certificate of Registration. This will foster trust and confidence among consumers, so they know what they’re getting.

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