The Truth About Turmeric

Whether, intentional or unintentional adulteration and misrepresentation occurs along the supply and value chains with many herb and spice products. It is not uncommon to find non-toxic yet undesirable fillers in spice products and plant powders such as sawdust, rice flour, chalk powder or starch. Additionally, plants like turmeric come in diverse varieties and carry diverse health impacts.

Unless businesses are growing a herb or spice plant product themselves, they assume the risk of poor visibility up the supply chain and may not be aware of what they’re actually receiving.. As a result, a consumer’s experience, even with the same brand, may be inconsistent in quality and effect.

Turmeric providers are challenged to assure product consistency, quality, authenticity, traceability and safety. When consumers have an inconsistent experience, or worse an adverse reaction to a product, businesses can face catastrophic brand damage. Purity-IQ provides leading brands with a set of scientific standards ensuring authenticity, consistency and an opportunity for third-party certification, which deliver the transparency and trust consumers are expecting.

Purity IQ uses molecular DNA genomic and NMR metabolomic testing and analytic technologies to produce unique product  fingerprints precisely identifying your nuanced herb and spice products. When manufacturers test each batch for authenticity and purity using our technologies and brands add our trust-mark to their packaging, they can be confident their customers and consumers will grow to trust and expect a quality and consistent brand experience.

To clearly separate your brand from competitors, receive your unique Purity-IQ fingerprint and Certificate of Registration, contact us to get started.

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