What is the Purity-IQ Cannabis Fingerprint ™ ?

The Purity-IQ Cannabis Fingerprint ™, is a genetic and chemical profile of your cannabis cultivar (strain).  It is unique and proprietary to your product and provides you with the opportunity to identify and differentiate your cultivars.

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What is the Purity-IQ Global Cannabis Registry?

As the cannabis legal market continues to develop, access to major brands and retailers will require increased production measures and tools to demonstrate an ability to produce a consistently safe and high-quality product.   The Purity-IQ Global Cannabis Registry ™ is a secure database library of products derived from cannabis, which have been scientifically identified based upon their genomic/DNA and metabolomic makeup. 


  1. Establish Your Own Intellectual Property
    • Identify and differentiate your cultivars (strains) by leveraging innovative Genomics and Metabolomic Fingerprinting
    • Meet industry requirements for cannabis by confidentially registering you Purity-IQ Cannabis Fingerprint ™ as a cultivar in the Global Canadian Registry
  2. Access New Business with Major Brands and Retailers
    • Demonstrate your ability to provide consistent, authentic, and pure products, underpinned by scientific evidence and integrated into your GMP and quality assurance controls
  3. Build Brand Trust and Loyalty
    • Validate your products as authentic and consistently your own throughout the supply value chain
    • Provide the requested quality assurance evidence for your customers
    • Confidently state customer and consumer claims

How to Register My Strains?

1. Order your Purity-IQ Cultivar Fingerprint Kit via courier


2. Receive your Purity-IQ Cultivar Fingerprint Kit via courier

Follow straight forward sample collection instructions & procedures

3. Receive your Purity-IQ Genomic Metabolomic Fingerprint, Certificate of Authenticity

The Value of Science & Certification for the CBD & Hemp Industry

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