Purity-IQ Services

Purity-IQ provides identity and consistency testing for probiotics and botanicals including raw materials, finished ingredients, and retail natural health products.

While this testing can ensure you are compliant with internal quality systems, regulatory and/or customer requirements, it is also a tool that can be used to differentiate your brand and products in an increasingly competitive market.

The foundation of our services is built on:

Our Leading-Edge Testing Technologies

Working through third-party licensed and approved ISO:17025 laboratories, Purity-IQ continues to innovate and develop world-leading operating procedures and standards, founded on science. Using DNA and NMR technologies, our testing methods provide species identification and unique broad spectrum metabolomic analysis for product consistency and authenticity certification.

This same cutting-edge technology is employed by the CAPS Certification Program. Click here to learn more.

Purity-IQ Global Registry

We have a growing and diverse library of biological reference material for over 450+ botanical species and 75+ probiotic strains specific to the natural health products industry. This includes key target species for the world’s most common products as well as many known adulterants.
This registry is also a secure third-party library for your products’ metabolic profiles, providing you a strong foundation to build intellectual property for your brand.
Register your products and start to set your brand apart from the competition.

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