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Targeted testing to meet your business goals.

Identity Testing

Purity-IQ offers Identity Testing for raw materials, extracts and finished products in a wide variety of formats to support both single component or multi-component blends. We have protocols for botanicals using NMR testing and probiotics using qPCR. Purity-IQ Identity Testing supports regulatory requirements, quality assurance management and other customer requirements.

Consistency Testing

The ability to test a product or sample for consistency can provide valuable insight for both incoming materials and finished products. Using NMR, our broad-spectrum approach is non-targeted and can be used to quantify batch-to-batch consistency.

Advanced Identity and Consistency

Building on the standard I&C analysis this targeted technique provides the identification of the key bioactive compounds.

Quantification of Active Compounds

Using NMR, these advanced analytics for botanicals can provide you more in-depth understandings of your incoming raw materials and their active compounds, such as curcuminoids in turmeric. More comprehensive, validated data can help differentiate your products and brand in the marketplace.

Probiotic Enumeration

Innovative strain specific enumeration via qPCR analysis validates various amounts of raw materials in probiotic products and can accurately determine viable counts at the end of shelf life. Enumeration analysis can be used for single or multi-strain blends, strain specific counts, tyndallized (heat-killed), and next generation probiotics.

Adulteration Detection and Screening

Customers can realize greater assurance by testing for potential adulterants. Protocols are available for single or multiple adulterants. We can also build custom screening tools for high-value ingredients.


Purity-IQ offers a certification for companies that are able to adhere to the highest levels of quality assurance. When your products bear the Purity-IQ Trustmark it illustrates your company’s due diligence.

Research and Development

Is there a project or product category that other testing methods can’t address effectively? For companies looking for more detailed insights into their products, Purity-IQ can design and engage in specific research and development projects tailored to your needs.

Research Projects Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Multi-component blend analysis
  • Compound quantification
  • Adulteration detection and screening
  • Product characterization
  • Method development – Identity (qPCR and/or NMR)
  • Method development – qPCR Enumeration
  • Custom built libraries

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