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Consumer interest in natural health supplements, particularly immune support, is greater than ever before. Current pressures on the global supply chain have resulted in many manufacturers and ingredient suppliers seeking new sources of supply. With this increased demand and limited supply of natural ingredients, the potential for adulteration, dilution or substitution is more prevalent than ever.

Brand owners, manufacturers and distributors must be extra vigilant when sourcing botanical ingredients. From elderberry to turmeric, customers are expecting active ingredients stated on product labels to provide an intended health benefit.

Example: Elderberry Testing

Through proven technologies, Purity-IQ can validate ingredients, component strength or quantity present, and answer all questions about the product quality and authenticity:

  • Is there actual elderberry in the sample?
  • Have lower cost substitutes been added?
  • What parts of the plant have been used?
  • Does the product contain chemicals or synthetics?
  • Are there unwanted compounds?
  • Is there consistency from batch to batch?


Probiotics are the largest non-herbal traditional dietary supplements category globally. Probiotic supplements are in high demand. Consumers want to know they are buying a quality product, and manufacturers and distributors want to know that ingredients received from suppliers contain the declared strains.

The World Health Organization defined probiotics as live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. A probiotic strain must be viable (live), at an expected concentration (quantity) and proven to deliver a health benefit to the consumer (health claim). A strain is a genetic variant of a species.

We can work with you to design, develop, and validate methods for both strain identity and viable count enumeration that you can be assured are founded on rigorous validation.


We work with Nammex and support their business by providing authenticity testing for mushrooms. Check out the details of our collaboration in this video:

Other Categories

We also provide testing for select food and beverage categories such as spices, coffee, and edible oils.  There’s no shortage of product categories that are impacted by adulteration so we’re constantly adding to our portfolio.

Speak to us about how our services can support your brand.

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