The Most Active Ingredient 

in Any Product is TRUST

Today, more and more consumers are looking for products they can trust. From health supplements to purely sourced products, consumers want brands they can rely on: brands with products that have pure ingredients, careful formulations, and the highest standards of quality.

Many products are not what they say they are

Many products are not what they say they are. In an industry where the regulations are inadequately enforced, unscrupulous manufacturers can and do participate in this market. Ongoing supply chain adjustments may mean new sources of supply. How can you be sure ingredients ordered for your formulations match their declared ingredients?

Authenticity is Our Purpose

Purity-IQ is a biotechnology company that specializes in authenticity services. It’s what sets us apart from most labs: authenticity is our singular focus. Through our authenticity services we verify that what’s on the label is actually in the product. We do that by testing ingredients and products for identity, purity and consistency.

Authenticity verification is more important than ever

Intentional adulteration has been exacerbated by recent supply chain issues. These include the scarcity of raw material, international freight issues, geopolitical instability, inflation, and climate change. These headwinds have created the need for supply chain diversification, forcing companies to work with new and unproven suppliers. Other issues, such as cross contamination can also impact product integrity. The only way to validate the purity of products or ingredients is through authenticity testing.

Our mission is to deliver peace of mind by verifying that what’s on the label is in the product.


"Nammex is proud to work closely with Purity-IQ, a Canadian bio-tech company that uses cutting edge Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology to verify natural ingredient identity and consistency. We work with Purity-IQ to ensure our functional mushroom products are authentic, because we know we can rely on the accuracy of their test results. Nammex and Purity-IQ are aligned in a commitment of the highest standards of quality and safety."

BILL CHIOFFI  |  Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer


"I am proud to say that Catania Oils has engaged Purity-IQ Inc. to test 5 different batches of each of our olive oils and avocado oils. The results were an identical match. This means our lots have been scientifically analyzed, and deemed authentic according to Purity-IQ genomic and/or metabolomic standard operating procedures, and is officially registered with Purity-IQ Global Registry. By leveraging the capabilities of NMR spectroscopy, olive oil producers, avocado oil manufacturers, and consumers can safeguard against fraud and maintain the highest standards of authenticity. With the ability to analyze oils at a molecular level, NMR can play a crucial role in upholding consumer trust, preventing fraudulent practices, and preserving the integrity of the olive oil and avocado oil industries."

STEPHEN BASILE  | Executive Vice President

True Grace

“Purity IQ is very important to True Grace because it sets us apart and in my opinion, above and beyond the competition. As a parent, I want to know exactly what is in the products I am giving Grace and Pierce. Every single batch of probiotics is tested to ensure identity and consistency. True Grace takes it a step further and lists the percentage of each strain that is in the formula. To my knowledge, no other kids' probiotics are this transparent"

KRISTIE HALL  |  President and Owner

Come Work With Us

Contact Purity-IQ if you believe that the most active ingredient in any product is TRUST.

We offer a unique suite of tools to provide our customers with what we believe is the highest level of authenticity assurance. We have invested heavily in the science, both in our personnel and in some of the best analytical methods available today specifically for authenticity testing:

  • Real-Time PCR
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy or NMR

We can help your teams to become expert spokespeople about your products and the authenticity validation that you have invested in your brand. We offer training sessions, training materials, and marketing assets for customer presentations and for your website.

One day consumers will have full transparency, trust, and confidence in all the products they use.

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