Identity & Consistency

Whether it’s turmeric or elderberry, intentional or accidental product mislabeling, misrepresentation and fraud is a growing problem throughout the natural health products supply chain.

With an increased demand for botanicals and probiotics, there is also an expectation and necessity for greater transparency and authenticity — so that end users can purchase and consume with confidence.

Identity Testing

Purity-IQ offers identity testing for raw materials, botanical extracts and finished products using DNA and innovative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology for over 450+ botanical species and 75+ probiotic strains.

Consistency Testing

The ability to test a product or sample for consistency can provide valuable insight for both incoming materials and finished products. Using NMR, this non-targeted, broad-spectrum approach can be used to quantify batch-to-batch consistency as well as detect the presence of potential anomalies or adulterants.

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