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How Third-Party Certifications Can Build Brand Trust

Customers are always looking for meaningful differences in product attributes to help them make choices. A third-party certification can be a helpful guide to understanding a brand’s quality and trustworthiness.

What is a Third-Party Certification?

A third-party certification conveys the approval of a product by an independent organization or group. The independent organization tests and verifies the claims made by a product and affirms that certain standards for quality, safety, and effectiveness have been met. The organization’s name, logo, seal of approval or other certification, on a label or in an advertisement, is used to connect the brand and the organization issuing the certification.

How do Certifications Give Meaning to Products?

When a company self-declares that their product meets certain standards, it's essentially grading their own homework. Third-party certification provides independent, objective verification, guided only by the scientific criteria that informs their standard. Third-party certification ensures a product meets consistent standards. The third party applies that same standard of testing for all products it reviews.

How can Health Supplements be Better Verified?

Products such as supplements, probiotics and botanicals are important to consumers to maintain their health. Unfortunately, some supplements show up in the marketplace and claim the presence of ingredients that don’t exist.

Purity-IQ offers a trustmark program for companies that want to communicate that additional steps have been taken to verify their product formulas. The Purity-IQ Certified Authentic Program is a third-party certification that can be printed on a product label. It demonstrates that a manufacturer or distributor went one step beyond the regulatory requirements to provide their best assurance of authenticity. Our trustmark tells the customer that Purity-IQ has verified that the ingredients on the label match what is in the package.

How Does the Purity-IQ Certified Authentic Program Work?

Purity-IQ Inc. is a biotechnology company providing the highest levels of quality assurance through ingredient and formula testing and validation. Depending on the product and project, several analytic tools are used, including qPCR and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to validate ingredient profiles and give complete results of product samples.

Participation in the Purity-IQ Certified Authentic Program requires successful testing and validation of the stated ingredients, and greater than 90% consistency from batch-to-batch. Once products are successful in obtaining certification, the Purity-IQ Certified Authentic Program is licensed through an agreement.

We hope for a world where, one day, consumers will have full transparency, trust, and confidence in all the products they use. Third-party certifications, like the Purity-IQ Certified Authentic Program, are helpful steps in that direction.

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