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How Proactive Testing Builds Customer Trust

Consumers looking for supplements and health products seek brands they can trust. Today, supplement companies are responsible for having evidence that their products are safe, and that the label claims are truthful and not misleading.

Unfortunately, many products are not what they say they are. Products in these categories are made more confusing every day by opportunistic competitors. In an industry where the regulations are inadequately enforced, unscrupulous manufacturers can and do participate in this market. How can consumers know what brands are trustworthy?

Companies that build proactive testing into their business practices can create the important bridge to customer trust. Here's How:

  • Issues Identified Before They Become Problems: Proactive testing doesn't just benefit the customer – it also benefits the company. By regularly and thoroughly testing their products and source ingredients, brands can catch potential issues before they make it to the customer, allowing them to take corrective action before it's too late. This will prevent costly product recalls, negative reviews, and customer complaints, all of which can damage a company's reputation.
  • Safety Stands Out: Brands that provide proof of their proactive testing can stand out from competitive products. In a category where the consumer is seeking a distinct health benefit from a product, a brand that proactively tests for identity will clearly differentiate itself from others that don’t provide this assurance. Consumers are right to ask: if some companies can provide quality assurance and proof of testing, why can’t they all?
  • Testing Tells a Story: A commitment to quality should be a strong and proud part of a brand story. Consider product and package design that includes a trustmark communicating these practices. A trustmark, such as the Purity-IQ Certified Authentic trustmark, demonstrates that a manufacturer or distributor went one step beyond the regulatory requirements to provide transparent assurance of quality and verification that the ingredients on the label match what is in the package.

Validating the authenticity of ingredients is accomplished using proven analytical techniques with experienced partners. At Purity-IQ, we believe that the most active ingredient in any product is trust. We recommend Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and qPCR as powerful tools for developing proactive testing protocols, especially for pharmaceutical, biotech, and food companies where quality and safety are paramount. qPCR can be particularly useful in probiotics testing, allowing for strain-specific detection in multi-strain blended finished products while can be NMR and qPCR can provide comprehensive and reliable data to ensure product quality and safety.

NMR is a non-targeted analytical technique used to examine the chemical composition of a sample. It can provide a great deal of information such as:

  • A comprehensive picture of the metabolomic profile of a product versus targeted methods that focus only on specific, pre-defined targets
  • Detailed information about the chemical composition of a product
  • The quantification of compounds present in a sample
  • The presence of contaminants or adulterants

NMR analysis can provide greater insights into product quality at a time when the industry needs it. Want to learn more? Visit Our Science page.

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