Differentiating Elderberry Products Using NMR Metabolomics

The application note highlights the application of NMR spectroscopy-based metabolomics, along with multivariate statistical analysis, in differentiating elderberry products based on their sources. Fill out the form to see how the study demonstrates the technique's ability to authenticate botanical products, establish batch-to-batch product consistency, and address the issue of severe adulteration in the elderberry market.

What Will You Learn?

  • The capabilities of NMR spectroscopy-based metabolomics in determining species identity and differentiating elderberry products based on their sources.
  • The advantages of using NMR metabolomics, in conjunction with multivariate statistical analysis, as a reliable and accurate tool for authenticating botanical products and ensuring batch-to-batch consistency.
  • The significance of NMR in safeguarding the elderberry market interests by detecting common adulterants and providing valuable insights into the variance in metabolite profiles due to processing conditions, cultivars, growth conditions, and geography of cultivation.
  • How NMR can serve as a fingerprinting tool to evaluate the consistency between samples from different batches in the manufacturing sector, aiding elderberry product manufacturers and suppliers in maintaining product quality and integrity.
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