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Virus Screening for Workplace Safety
Why is Purity-IQ involved in virus screening?

As part of our corporate values we felt an obligation to pivot and help protect people from contact with COVID-19 and future viruses. We provide industry with the capability to access proven surface testing to protect their employees within their day to day business environments.

What does Purity-IQ provide?

Purity-IQ provides all that is required to operationalize internal virus screening tests on surfaces:

  • Patented machine (Hyris bCUBE)
  • Validated test kits and all consumables
  • Training (self-testing)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

How does surface virus screening work?

Once training is completed, the use of the equipment, test kits and SOPs for the screening process is quite simple:

  • Swab the surface where contamination may have occurred (e.g.: door handles, light switches, monitors, equipment, fixtures, etc.)
  • Process the swab sample by placing it into the provided test kit
  • Place the kit into the bCUBE and press “send”
  • Cloud analytics are then performed on the samples
  • A Pass / Fail result is provided directly to either a smart phone or laptop

How many tests can I run at one time?

Current testing capability is 6 swabbed locations at one time. This will increase to 16 swabbed locations in July 2020: using the same bCUBE, process but utilizing a larger capacity tray.

How long does it take to get a result?

Current testing time is ~90 minutes for 6 sample results.

Can we use the surface screening equipment and materials for Human Testing?

No – DO NOT use the Hyris / Purity-IQ surface screening kits for human testing. The chemical requirement for surface swab testing is not meant for direct human contact.

Do you have distribution priorities for the Hyris / Purity-IQ screening test equipment?

Today – yes – we currently do prioritize front line engagement and manufacturing sites using a support protocol based on the importance of the site / service with respect to essential human needs.

Future – we are establishing key partners and actively building a robust supply chain that will enable us to fully support the ongoing needs of all manufacturing and business sectors.

Do we need a minimum testing protocol to use your service?

Today we have focused on operationalizing ASAP to help with the immediate current COVID-19 situation, but more importantly to prepare for future crises. We offer an annual service model based on a minimum commitment of 100 tests per month plus additional costs for increased testing capacity.

Future – we are establishing key partners and actively building a robust supply chain that will enable us to fully support the ongoing needs of all manufacturing and business sectors.

What is the initial investment and ongoing costs for your service?

Service includes all equipment, materials, test kits, and SOPs to support your implementation needs. The initial and ongoing costs are based on the number of test locations at your site / facility and the frequency of testing. To better understand the required weekly or monthly number of test kits required please complete our Request for Information form and a Purity-IQ representative will contact you.

COVID-19 – Are there different strains of the virus that need to be screened in your testing?

Purity-IQ employs the current CDC genomic regions for COVID-19, which includes the known variants / strains of COVID-19 and represents the gold standard recommended by the CDC.

What is the expected pricing and charges?

The initial and ongoing costs are based on the number of test locations at your site / facility and the frequency of testing. To better understand the required weekly or monthly number of test kits required please complete our Request for Information form and a Purity-IQ representative will contact you.  Please note that Purity-IQ has endeavored to minimize the costs for testing to encourage maximum use to protect employees and customers. Purity-IQ also will invest profits from this initiative into our partnership with the NHP Research Alliance at the University of Guelph, who are activity engaged in the COVID-19 response globally and will continue to research and develop test kits for new / future viruses.

How does this fit with established cleaning protocols?

The Purity-IQ virus screening and test is designed to be a supporting build to established cleaning and sanitizing programs. The Purity-IQ test will be the final validation step to ensure surfaces have been previously and adequately cleaned and sanitized. The Purity-IQ virus screening will provide a fast yes / no CoA (Certificate of Analysis) validating the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Does ATP testing for the cleanliness of surfaces also detect COVID-19?

ATP testing specifically targets the energy of living organisms and is designed as a specific means to measure the effectiveness of good sanitation practices in high touch areas; however, it is NOT effective at detecting the presence of bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19.

Do you have recommended sampling plans within manufacturing facilities?

Purity-IQ can work with companies to provide an assessment of existing best practices and planned next steps suited to the business’s specific operational needs.

Do we have to identify the location where we took the swabs within our facilities?

Each site will be unique with regard to set up, testing frequency within engaged areas, equipment etc. Potential high-risk areas need to be identified by your management team as part of an overall cleaning and sanitizing best-practice scheduling program.

What are the typical sampling areas?

Generally these are common areas such as entrance / exit door handles and knobs, receiving areas, light switches and finger activated devices, equipment, preparation surfaces and touch screen monitors, tools etc. Note: for many viruses this also includes surfaces exposed to human contact (direct and indirect).

Are employees hands a typical site for sampling?

Purity-IQ screening utilizes the Hyris bCUBE equipment which focuses on physical surfaces. All employees should be washing hands, using sanitizers, and wearing gloves as per regulatory guidelines.

Will the results of testing be immediately shared?

Data is only shared with the Purity-IQ contracted customer. All data is private and confidential. Test information is analyzed and contained within a secure cloud environment, where a yes / no result and report is generated. Those results can be easily programmed to be sent directly to any assigned smart phones or laptops that are enabled by the customer.

How many different viruses can you screen for currently?

Test kits are designed and validated for specific detection results and are currently available for COVID-19. Dr Steven Newmaster at the University of Guelph is working with researchers in China and the EU to develop tests for future and developing SARs / flu viruses and in preparation for future waves, mutations, and new expected viruses. This team is engaged in a research program to develop first line of defense diagnostic tests in support of the CDC and the WHO for novel viruses as they develop. Dr Newmaster’s team was one of the first research teams to develop the COVID-19 molecular diagnostic test in early January 2020.

Have they determined how long they would like us to continue testing once we start?

It is recommended that organizations monitor their environments for the next 6-18 months as experts are predicting a second wave of COVID-19 as early as the next flu season. This second wave is already being detected today in Asia where another round of shutdowns is taking place. Organizations concerned about the future of their employees, customers and their business should be deploying aggressive pre-cleaning, sanitizing, and virus detection validation processes into their routine operational and documented programs.

Will we need new equipment and processes when there is a new virus present?

No. Purity-IQ will equip sites with response capability that can continue to adapt into the future as a part of operations management. New virus screening will use the same equipment. Software updates are pushed to the equipment via the cloud and specific test kits in development by our research partners for new viruses will be provided by Purity-IQ ASAP.

What is the percentage of false positives?

The critical parameters for meeting CDC and WHO standards are a minimum number of false negatives. This test is designed only for the screening of the virus. Should a positive result be detected, it is recommended that the same surface be re-tested, followed by further sanitation procedures. Refer to the datasheet provided for more specific details on test results.

How is the data being stored?

Purity-IQ and Hyris’ analysis of the data is processed and stored in a secure cloud platform and provided exclusively to each customer. The data generated is always owned and managed by the Purity-IQ customer.

Who has access to the test results?

The Purity-IQ customer owns all its data. Purity-IQ and Hyris analyze and store data required for research and technology support only.

How is security of the data being managed?

Purity-IQ is AWS Secure and the Hyris central database and web hosting services use Amazon Web Services which analyze and store the data required for completing the test.

  • In order to operate on any of the endpoints described ( and authentication is required
  • bAPP client authentication – Each user must authenticate with email and password in order to be logged in the web services. These credentials are verified by the Hyris backend technology and must correspond to a valid registered account.
  • bCUBE authentication – Installed in each bCUBE is a unique hardware ID. During the factory activation phase, this ID is registered inside the Hyris database and unique access credentials are created. These unique credentials are then encrypted (AES-128) with a unique key (changing from unit to unit) and saved inside the bCUBE for its authentication purpose. Each bCUBE will decrypt only its own unique access credential and uses those to gain access to the provided web services.

How easy is it to operate the bCUBE and screening process?

All required instruments and consumables are delivered directly to the customer location as an existing out of the box solution, together with clear and easy standard setup and operating procedures. Additional instructional videos are available through the Purity-IQ and Hyris web sites as needed.

What type of support does Purity-IQ provide?

Purity-IQ will provide any required operational guidance, and since all bCUBE units are connected to the cloud, all warranty, programming, or troubleshooting required will be provided over the internet directly by Hyris technicians.

Does Purity-IQ help companies establish their pre-cleaning, sanitizing, sampling, and validation protocols?

Yes, Purity-IQ provides consultation on a fee-for-service basis to help facility management develop, implement, verify, and validate their programs, all of which are designed to fit specific operational needs.

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