Purity-IQ Inc. is a global organization founded on cutting edge genetic, chemical and metabolomic biotechnologies.

Through innovative science, we work with brands to streamline processes and bring authenticated products to customers. We have designed standards and certifications to protect the food and beverage, pharma, cannabis, natural health product, pet food or cosmetics sectors.  

Our mission is to protect brands through science-based solutions and certifications, allowing consumers to have full trust in the products they ingest or bring in contact with their bodies.

Our values guide us to:

  • Drive trust and respect throughout all of our business engagements
  • Ensure that everything we do is underpinned by scientific method
  • Educate and serve all of our clients, employees and partners

Brought Together by a Shared Vision

Purity-IQ is powered by Co-Founders with a strong professional network, deep rooted experience and a shared vision for real world impact. 

The Purity-IQ team have long-standing relationships through the food industry circuit. The team closely understands, through professional and personal experiences, the need for product identity claims to be made with absolute confidence. Fittingly, it was over lunch at a natural foods restaurant in Guelph, Ontario in 2019 that Purity-IQ began to take shape. 

Reunited by chance, food safety expert Paul Valder ran into industry familiar face and retail executive, Deleo de Leonardis. Energized by apparent common values when Paul shared the Purity-IQ vision, Deleo became the first Co-Founder. She brings decades of grocery experience and a deep understanding of what drives consumers.

John Snow and Terry Dennis, who work together as consumer packaged goods innovation experts, completed the Purity-IQ formula and became the final Co-Founders. Equipped with synergistic expertise, the team honed in on the Purity-IQ potential.

The team has forged a strong mutual respect and clear vision for a changed world where authentic brands are easily recognized and rewarded with brand trust.

Meet the Team

Deleo de Leonardis
Deleo de Leonardis



Deleo is a retail executive with 30 years leadership experience in procurement, merchandising, category management & private label brands.

Terry Dennis


Terry has 30 years experience as a Consumer Packaged Goods executive and provides innovative thinking on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

John Snow
John Snow


John has 28 years of global Consumer Packaged Goods experience and specializes in scaling new technology into existing and new markets.

Paul Valder

CHIEF technical officer &

Paul has 30 years experience involving creating and implementing voluntary accredited and third party compliance standards.

Amber Thelen

technical compliance manager

Amber provides the business with over 18 years of practical and applied industry experience with a focus on food labs and within food manufacturing.

Frank Massong

regulatory & government affairs specialist

Frank is an experienced Senior Regulatory and Technical Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the public safety industry.

Stephanie Wilmott

senior cannabis consultant

Stephanie brings experience as a cannabis supply chain subject matter expert and specialist in the Purity-IQ Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard.

Jenna MacLeod

Business relations representative

Jenna brings over 15 years of experience in the customer service field, ranging from the restaurant industry to the health and fitness industry, to support Purity-IQ's growing client base. 

Matthew Barth

marketing associate

Matthew is a marketing graduate who specializes in video editing and content creation that is used for both educational and marketing purposes.

Scott Mitchell

Business relations Representative

With an honour’s degree in business administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in finance, macroeconomics and marketing,  Scott is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients.

Amanda Lara

digital learning specialist

Amanda has over 25 years' working as an educator, developer of training systems and solutions, auditor and food safety quality compliance specialist.

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